Personalized reception of calls in Barcelona

What does receiving calls consist of?

  1. We will be your secretary when you need it (punctually when you tell us or full time)
  2. We can assign you a unique phone number for your company *
  3. We will answer the calls on behalf of your company, and we will transfer, if you wish, the call (s) that you want to attend personally, otherwise, we will notify you via email of the call details.


  1. It transmits seriousness and professionalism to its clients, providing a fixed telephone of your company and dedícate 100% to your business, with the tranquility that your telephone is attended by a professional and experienced team.
  2. Calls are always received by the same person which gives you discretion and efficiency.
  3. You will be able to configure out of hours a locution informing of your commercial schedule

*If you already have a number and you do not want to change it, we will make the configuration so that the calls from your number enter through our switchboard.

  • UP TO 15 CALLS € 19.95 **

  • UP TO 50 CALLS € 50 *

  • UP TO 100 CALLS € 75 *

  • UP TO 200 CALLS € 175 *

  • UP TO 300 CALLS € 130 *

* Transfer of calls to national landlines included within the
* Transfer of calls to mobile phones 0.22 cents per minute.
* The service requires a monthly deposit
** Maintenance of Line 6.-Euros (up to 15 calls)
Prices without VAT at 21%

Requires 1 monthly deposit

We adapt our services to your needs, contact us for other options.

We also offer a call reception service for restaurants

We team up with several haute cuisine restaurants and our main objective is to be another tool in your business, formalizing reservations, resolving doubts and answering requests. But above all, guaranteeing the reception of all calls, avoiding the noise that usually exists in a restaurant and focusing only on the client, so that your experience starts at the time of booking.


  • Together with the restaurant team, we designed a protocol, detailing the profile of the restaurant; schedule, dress code, number of maximum guests, action in case of intolerances … (all the information that you consider necessary).
  • We answer the call with the name of the restaurant (by way of operation, it would only be necessary to divert the restaurant’s telephone to our switchboard)
  • Call attention 24 hours (the client can establish a business hours where we can receive calls and outside of these hours set up a voice over)
  • We enter the customer data in your internal manager (in this case, covermanager)


  • Personnel savings (avoid hiring several people to cover a 24-hour schedule and save hiring expenses: training, social security … etc. In addition to forming a receptionist team we can answer simultaneous calls, not missing any calls.)
  • Increase of formalized reserves.
  • Attention and resolution of doubts.
  • At the end of each month we send you a formalized reservations and inquiries report.

Why hire a call reception?

We are convinced that on more than one occasion you will not have been able to answer a call, because you are on another call, because you are meeting, because you have no coverage … there are countless situations that can make you miss that call from an interested party who needs your services.

How can you avoid it?

Hiring a call reception. We take care of answering all your calls, without losing a single one, thanks to the fact that we are a professional team that answers simultaneous calls. We may refer you to the call at that time or if you are not available to send you an email with your contact details. We guarantee that your business will benefit.

The great advantage of working with us is that you can register the service and unsubscribe it when you need it. That is, if you need it only for a specific period, it is also possible (holiday for example).

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