Virtual Secretary in Barcelona

Virtual secretary (reception of calls)

69€+VAT/month (up to 50 calls)

  1. We will be your secretary when you need us (at specific times or during your whole day).
  2. We’ll assign a phone number of our own for your company*.
  3. We will answer the calls with the name of your company, and transfer you, if you wish, the call / s you want to attend personally, otherwise, we will notify you via email the data of the call.


  1. It transmits seriousness and professionalism to its clients, providing a fixed telephone of your company and dedícate 100% to your business, with the tranquility that your telephone is attended by a professional and experienced team.
  2. Calls are always received by the same person which gives you discretion and efficiency.
  3. You will be able to configure out of hours a locution informing of your commercial schedule

*If you already have a number and you do not want to change it, we will make the configuration so that the calls from your number enter through our switchboard.


Why your Virtual Secretary at GBC Business Center?

  1. We guarantee the discharge of the service in less than 48h.
  2. You will save on staff costs, as we cover a 24-hour period, if you need to. 
  3. With us you have no minimum permanence. You can hire the service for long periods, seasons or even days.
  4. Your image will look more professional and committed to your customers, causing a direct increase in sales.
  5. Our specialized team will take care of your calls, they will be able to answer them simultaneously, without losing any of them.

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Your Virtual Secretary at GBC Business Center

From the first moment in which a company offers customer service, it is essential to be able to cover all customer needs optimally. With new technologies, new ways of working are demanded and today new organizations have emerged that operate exclusively in the online field. That is why this fact has developed in other forms of work and attention, the virtual secretariat is one of them.

The strengths of this type of service are its affordable price and the versatility it offers in broad strokes. In addition to fulfilling the duties of a secretary, it helps improve the efficiency of the company that employs this type of assistance.

The person in charge of exercising this work does not work in the same office, but thanks to previous training, you can perform your tasks remotely. Another notable advantage is the fact that you can be informed at all times, via mail or telephone, as stipulated.

The virtual secretary can be 100% customized to adapt to the business hours of the contracting company, in addition, the planning, management and administration of this service helps automate and streamline the procedures and processes of your business. Thanks to the close treatment that is offered, a closer bond is created with the client that is served and this enhances its loyalty in a very positive way.

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